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Corporate Communications


Minto Communities GTA



With our unmatched understanding for real estate marketing and strategic communications, we are fortunate to work on many of Minto GTA's corporate projects, including social media management and content creation.

Minto Communities GTA

2019 - Present

Stakreative has been tasked with the monthly creation and management of Minto Communities GTA's social media accounts. Delivering strategy, relevant and project-driven content, this ongoing project is an exciting task we are able to work closely with their teams in order to be completely in sync with the communities Minto has worked so hard to build. Alongside social, we are tasked often with web, print, strategy in other places of the business in order to offer that same expertise we carry throughout all communications Stak delivers. 



Email Marketing

Digital Advertising

Website UX/UI Design

Social Media Management

Advertising & OOH

Photo & Video Production

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